Do you require a refresher course; would you like to learn the tricks of the trade? Total Mushroom Service provides tailor-made courses, for instance training for your staff. We will jointly discuss and agree what the correct set-up of the course will look like, and which settings will suit you best for discussion. Courses on site are also possible. Depending on your location we will discuss in which way we can best fulfil your training needs. In addition, Total Mushroom Service will also remain involved after training/courses have been provided.

In combination with, for instance, start-up training, we will also be able to look over your shoulder with regard to structure, so that you can rest assured you will be able to proceed with your operations with all the know-how required. We critically review the processes where knowledge is required on your part. Ask us - without any obligation on your part - about options for tailor-made courses/training.