About Total Mushroom Service

In 1990, the mushroom sector was first heard of, and specialisation of this market commenced. “From employee to manager in a variety of cultivation nurseries, I have seen all the different aspects of running an operation in the mushroom sector.” Both in the Netherlands and on an international level, a large variety of know-how has been accumulated in a broad range of operations, from compost processer to cultivation nursery, and of everything involved with this.

“Thanks to practical experience, education and training during this time, I rose from employee to manager in various large international corporations. The quality of service provision, the final result, has always been paramount here, and that’s what my own company is all about now, too.”

Since 2000, there now is Total Mushroom Service, an independent, no-nonsense consultation office in the mushroom sector. With a Dutch background, 25 years of international know-how of the market and an independent base, Total Mushroom Service has a good overview of the mushroom market world-wide. This means “just about any” advice projects inside the mushroom market can we supervised. “Because our company is not tied to any contracts with suppliers etc., customers can always rely on independent advice, and this is to the customer’s advantage in any situation. Total Mushroom Service strives for optimum yields, the best quality and quantity for the customer operations to grow.”

We would be pleased to be of service with independent advice, from supervision, climate technology, staff and start-up advice to lectures, provision of courses, conference attendance and construction supervision. Total Mushroom Service is at home in all markets and can rely on 25 years of experience in the mushroom sector and co-operation with various colleagues in the market.